Vaccination Strategies
  •  Pulse vaccination strategy
  •  Ring vaccination
  •  Cocooning (immunization)

The major aim of all vaccination strategies is disease reduction goals by getting high levels of immunity in the targeted group of people via adequate vaccination coverage and vaccine effectiveness. The idea is to boost immune system of individuals to prevent the spread of the disease.

These are some different type of vaccination strategies given below:

Pulse vaccination strategy: The pulse vaccination strategy is the process used to eliminate an epidemic by repeatedly vaccinating a group of people at risk, over a defined age range, until the spread of the microbe has been come to an end. It is mostly used during the time of polio and measles epidemics to quickly end the spread and contain the outbreak.

Ring vaccination: The method of vaccination of all infected individuals in a prescribed area around an outbreak of an infectious disease. The Ring vaccination process helps to  controls an outbreak by monitoring and vaccinating a ring of people around each infected individual. The idea is to boost immune system of individuals to prevent the spread of the disease.

Cocooning (immunization): Cocooning process also known as the Cocoon Strategy, is an immunization strategy to protect young child and other vulnerable individuals from the infectious diseases by vaccinating those who are in close contact with them. If the groups of people most likely to transmit an infection are immune, their immunity creates a "cocoon" of protection around the newborn or the vulnerable persons.

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