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Therapeutic Vaccines

Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines

  • Targeted Antigens
  • Therapeutic Vaccine Strategies
  • Therapeutic Vaccines in the Era of Combination Strategies

Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines and Antiangiogenic Treatments Combinations

  • Rationale for Vaccine Combination With AATs
  • reclinical Studies Combining AATs And Vaccines
  • Clinical Trials Combining AATs And Vaccines

Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines and Immune Checkpoint Blockade Combinations

  • Rationale for Vaccine Combination With ICB
  • Preclinical Studies Combining ICB And Vaccines
  • Clinical Trials Combining ICB And Vaccines

Therapeutic vaccines are that vaccines which are directed after an infection or a disease have already occurred. The therapeutic vaccines works by activating the immunity power of a patient to fight against an infectious disease. There is difference between a therapeutic vaccine and a prophylactic vaccine as the prophylactic vaccines are administered to living organisms as a precautionary measure to prevent the infection or disease while the therapeutic vaccines are administered to individual after the individual is already affected by the disease or infection.

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