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Vincenzo Alfano, Speaker at Vaccines Conferences
University of Napoli Parthenope, Italy
Title : Your vaccine attitude determines your altitude. What are the determinants of attitudes toward vaccination


Attitudes toward vaccination are doubtless an important determinant of public health, and this became evident after the first year of the last COVID-19 pandemic. The issue, long-debated within European societies, especially with respect to occasional surges of diseases in given years, has become a crucial determinant of the wellbeing of a country since 2021. In this study, using microdata from a 2019 Eurobarometer survey, we frame and deepen our knowledge about the main determinants of vaccination attitudes as observed by the related literature. We argue that a positive attitude toward vaccination may be due to individualistic or altruistic reasons, or various incentives; our analysis aims to improve our knowledge about the determinants of such a complex decision. Our findings, obtained by means of a quantitative analysis that employs Ordered Probit, Ordered Logit and Generalized Ordered Logit estimations, provide complete support for some of the theories that have been debated in the literature, limited support for others because of mixed evidence, and no support for some.

Audience Takeaway:

  • Attitudes toward vaccination significantly impact public health. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted their crucial role.  
  • Positive vaccination attitudes can stem from individualistic or altruistic reasons, as well as various incentives.
  • Other faculty can use this research to expand their own research and/or teaching.


Dr. Vincenzo Alfano holds currently the position of Assistant Professor in Political Economy at University of Napoli "Parthenope". He is also associate to Institute for the Mediterranean of the Italian National Research Council, to the Center for Economic Studies – CESifo, is research fellow for Global Labour Organization– GLO, and fellow for Italy’s National University Centre for Applied Economic Studies - CiMET. Moreover, he serves as a board member of several scientific journals, and is the Academic Editor of Plos One. Dr. Alfano has broad research interests, going from health economics and public health to the economic impact of religion and sports economics. He has published in several top scientific journals, including Journal of Policy Modeling; Health policy; Scientific Reports; Journal of Sports Economics; and Political Studies Review.