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Junaid Nazir, Speaker at Vaccines Conferences
Skuast k, India
Title : Development of lactobacillus-based recombinant vaccine against salmonella in Poultry


Salmonellosis poses a serious threat to the poultry industry, causing huge economic losses and posing risks to human health. Vaccination is essential for controlling Salmonella infection in poultry, and there is growing interest in alternative vaccine delivery platforms, such as recombinant vaccines. This study aims to present the development of a recombinant Lactobacillus-based vaccine for salmonellosis in poultry. The vaccine involves genetically modifying Lactobacillus to express antigens that protect against Salmonella. The recombinant Lactobacillus strains serve as antigen-presenting cells and mucosal adjuvant, stimulating immune responses at the site of infection. 

The vaccine's immunogenicity and protective efficacy were evaluated in a poultry model, which revealed robust immune responses and significant protection against Salmonella challenge. This study contributes to the development of a safe and effective Salmonella vaccine strategy in poultry, with advantages in administration, mucosal immune responses, and cost-effective mass production. Future research will concentrate on vaccine optimization, large-scale production and application.


Junaid Nazir from Skuast k, India