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Kashif Zulfiqar, Speaker at Vaccine Research Events
Project Manager - NADRA, Pakistan
Title : National immunization management system- NIMS


  • National Immunization Management System (NIMS) in Pakistan envisages to consolidate all immunization activities that are being carried out in the country, on a single intelligent platform including vaccination scheduling, vaccine administration, role based reporting, complaint management, online certificate issuance, Data analytics, on spot verification of vaccination data, integration with National identity System, Mobile application to be used as digital wallet for certificates. As a first step, NIMS has been designed to manage the COVID-19 vaccination nationwide and later shall be used as National Immunization Registry for all type of immunizations.  Yellow Fever and Polio vaccine administration operations via NIMS can be taken as a step ahead towards formation of digital immunization registry. More than 95 percent of registered population has been vaccinated by using NIMS.


Mr. Kashif Zulfiqar has been graduated from University of Engineering and Technology, Texila, Pakistan. He then joined one of leading IT solution providers in Pakistan named National Database and Registration authority (NADRA). He has been involved in numbers of projects and research activities in Social Sector which includes identity management, Process automation, IoT devices authentication, Biometrics, Smart City Surveillance, Contact tracking during pandemic, IDSR etc.  An Insightful, result driven IT professional with notable success directing a broad range of corporate IT based initiatives while participating in planning, analysis and implementation of solutions in support of business objectives. He also worked as Project Manager for National Immunization Management System (NIMS) for Pakistan during covid-19 pandemic. NIMS has been acknowledged as major factor in successful management situation during pandemic.