Maduike Ezeibe, Speaker at Vaccine Congress
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria
Title : Mopping COVID-19 virus with opposite charges from a nano-medicine {Al4 (SiO4)3 + 3Mg2SiO4 - 2Al2 Mg3 (SiO4)3}: Better control-method for its pandemic


Full-protection from COVID-19 vaccines lasts only three months. So, COVID-vaccination should be bi-monthly. Failure to revaccinate duly leads to antibody levels, lower than titer that prevents infections. When viruses experience vaccine-antibodies and still establish infections, they mutate to forms (variants) the vaccines can no longer prevent. With shortage of vaccines and vaccination-hesitancy in many countries, it is difficult to achieve bi-monthly COVID-vaccination in required percentage of humans and animals.  Once protective antibody-titer is not achieved, vaccinated individuals become media for mutation by the virus. Having lower COVID-antibody levels in persons/animals is responsible for “fully vaccinated” individuals still coming down with active infections and having high number of such persons/animals may be cause of rapid mutation by the virus to new variants. Alternative control-measure is to develop quick-cure for the disease. COVID-19 virus (RNA) is positively charged but abnormal (tumor/infected) cells are negatively charged while normal cells remain neutral. Molecules of Aluminum-magnesium silicate (AMS), a WHO-approved medicine, consist of Nanoparticles which have negatively and positively charged ends. Ultra-small size (0.96 nm) of the Nanoparticles allows them access to all organs.  Countries that do not have AMS-deposits may have Aluminum silicate and Magnesium silicate. So, these minerals (WHO-approved medicines, too) were used to formulate AMS-brand which we named Medicinal synthetic AMS (MSAMS, Antivirt®, VITUMED®). Dextrose monohydrate (simple sugar) is incorporated in MSAMS-formulations to convey the Nanoparticles across mucous membranes (active-transportation) into blood for circulation to all organs. Of 5 COVID-19 patients used for a repeat trial of the MSAMS, 4 recovered within 3 days while the 5th (90 years old) recovered after 4 days. Since electrical charges (biomedical markers) the medicine inhibits are common to every virus, efficacy of the medicine may not change, not minding variant of the virus involved. Use of medicines for quick-cure of COVID-19 could interrupt transmission of the infection within and between countries.  Also, if the medicine is made easily accessible, people could treat themselves at home, thus reducing economic losses due to fear of the pandemic.


Maduike Ezeibe holds PhD, from University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a Fellow, College of Veterinary Surgeons, Nigeria, specializing in laboratory Animal Medicine (Using animals for medical-researches). From studying size and electrical charges on platelets of molecules of Aluminum-magnesium silicate (AMS: a WHO approved medicine/stabilizing agent), he invented the theory of Opposite charges electrostatic attraction as a treatment-mechanism for diseases caused by electrically charged agents (Viruses; Cancers/Other tumors and infected cells). Since natural AMS-deposits are not found in Nigeria, he invented a reaction for Aluminum silicate and Magnesium silicate (WHO-approved medicines, abundant in the country) to get Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum-Magnesium Silicate (MSAMS).  He also invented an equation {Al4 (SiO4)3 + 3Mg2SiO4 →2Al2 Mg3 (SiO4)3} for the synthesis. The MSAMS has proved effective against all viruses and abnormal cells so far tested (in vitro and/or in vivo) including HIV, Covid-19 virus, Cancers and other Tumors.