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Ming Chung Kan, Speaker at Immunology Conferences
Founder of Vaxsia Biomedical Inc, Taiwan
Title : A thermostable protein nanoparticle that stimulates long lasting humoral immune response


Vaxsia has developed a self-assembled protein nanoparticle (PNP) platform, VADEX. The building block of VADEX is a fusion protein contains two functional modules: polymerization module and antigen presentation module. The polymerization module is modified from an amphipathic helical peptide that derived from M2 protein of type A influenza virus strain H5N1. The antigen presentation module is a superfolder green fluorescent protein, sfGFP. When expressed in cell, the fusion protein assembled into a PNP with a size of between 30 to 40 nm and a morphology mimick corn-on-a-cob. Heterologous antigens can be expressed on the surface of this PNP through either loop insertion (Wong et al., 2023)or strand complementation(Kan, 2023) of sfGFP. The immunogenicity of the PNP was assessed by animal immunization and ELISA and the thermostability of PNP was analyzed by SDS-PAGE and DLS. The PNP has high thermostability that can withstand 40 oC incubation for at least two months with no significant change in particle size and quantity. The immunization of VADEX-based PNP induces long lasting humoral immunity in single or prime and boost immunization regimes.  The VADEX-based PNP may served as platform for thermostable vaccine development. 

Kan, M.-C. (2023). The thermostability of a VADEX-Pro based protein nanoparticle. bioRxiv.
Wong, T.-T., Liou, G.-G., and Kan, M.-C. (2023). A Thermal-Stable Protein Nanoparticle That Stimulates Long Lasting Humoral Immune Response. Vaccines 11, 426.