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Simmi Simran, Speaker at Immunology Conferences
Tashkent Medical Academy, Uzbekistan
Title : Understanding the impact of stress on mental health: A systematic review and meta-analysis



Stress is a prevalent phenomenon in modern society, affecting individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Its impact on mental health is profound, contributing to various psychiatric disorders and decreased well-being. Despite extensive research, a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between stress and mental health outcomes is still evolving.


This study aims to conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis to elucidate the associations between stress and mental health outcomes, including depression, anxiety, and overall psychological distress.

Materials and Methods:

A systematic search was conducted across electronic databases for relevant studies published up to January 2024. Studies assessing the relationship between stress and mental health outcomes in diverse populations were included. Data extraction and quality assessment were conducted independently by two reviewers. Random-effects meta-analysis was utilized to synthesize effect sizes, and subgroup analyses were performed to explore potential moderators.


From an initial pool of 1,200 identified studies, 80 met the inclusion criteria, encompassing a total sample size of 50,000 participants. The meta-analysis revealed a significant positive association between stress and mental health outcomes (r = 0.45, 95% CI [0.39, 0.52], p < 0.001). Subgroup analyses indicated that age, gender, and type of stressor significantly moderated the strength of the relationship, highlighting the complex interplay of individual and contextual factors.


This systematic review and meta-analysis underscore the substantial impact of stress on mental health, emphasizing the need for targeted interventions to mitigate its adverse effects. Strategies focusing on stress management and resilience building may help alleviate psychiatric symptoms and enhance overall well-being. Future research should further investigate the underlying mechanisms and develop tailored interventions to address stress-related mental health challenges across diverse populations.

Key word :- #stress   #mental health. #depression  # anxiety.  # psychological distress


Simmi Simran from Tashkent Medical Academy, Uzbekistan.