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Maduike Chiehiura Onwubiko Ezeibe, Speaker at Vaccine Research Conference
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria
Title : Medicinal synthetic aluminum-magnesium silicate {Al4 (SiO4)3 + 3Mg2SiO4?2Al2 Mg3 (SiO4)3} effective for: Viral diseases; Tumors; Antimicrobial resistant infections


Viral diseases, cancers (tumors) and antimicrobial resistant infections are among the world`s biggest health challenges. Literature reveals, that HIV and COVID-19 virus (RNA viruses) are positively charged while DNA viruses and abnormal (tumor/infected) cells are negatively charged. So, electrically charged medicines would mop viruses and tumor-cells by Opposite-charges electrostatic attraction. Infected cells would also be mopped and destroyed (unmasking “hidden infections”). Literature also contains that Molecules of Aluminum-magnesium silicate (AMS), a WHO-approved medicine/adjuvant, consist of Nanoparticles which have, negative and positive ends.  Ultra-small size of AMS-Nanoparticles (0.96 nm) allows them reach all organs and tissues. As adjuvant, AMS improves antimicrobials-efficacies for effective treatment of secondary infections and as silicate, it enhances immunity. Mopping viruses and abnormal cells, unmasking “hidden infections”, effectively treating secondary infections and enhancing immunity would cure viral diseases and tumors. In addition to antiviral and antitumor efficacies, coexistence of the two charges makes AMS-Nanoparticles hydrate in solutions to form three dimensional colloidal structures. The colloidal structures stabilize other medicines, formulated with AMS. Also, Nanoparticles enhance delivery of drugs to effect-targets and across physiological barriers. When drugs are stabilized, rate of their metabolism reduces, thus prolonging their time of high bioavailability. Prolonging time of high bioavailability and enhancing delivery to targets improve efficacy. With improved efficacy, lower doses achieve desired effects. Use of lower doses for desired effects minimizes side effects so that immune responses enhance. Synergy between improved efficacies and enhanced immunity lead to clearance of infections so that none is left to develop antimicrobial resistance. Infections that are already resistant may be cured by same drugs they resisted. Some countries do not have the solid mineral, AMS [Al2Mg3 (SiO4)3] but they may have Aluminum silicate [AS: Al4 (SiO4)3] and Magnesium silicate [MS: Mg2SiO4]. So, we, used AS and MS (approved medicines, too) to formulate an AMS-brand {Al4 (SiO4)3 + 3Mg2SiO4 → 2Al2 Mg3 (SiO4)3} and named it, Medicinal synthetic Aluminum-magnesium silicate {MSAMS}. Since AMS, AS and MS are not absorbable, to make MSAMS function systemically, Dextrose monohydrate is incorporated in its formulations, to convey the electrically charged Nanoparticles across mucous membranes (active transportation) into blood-circulation. The MSAMS has proved effective against all viruses, tested, in vitro and/or in vivo, including HIV and COVID-19 virus. It improves efficacy of antimicrobials to make them achieve ≥95 % infection-load reduction (preventing antimicrobial resistance). At 75 %-doses, antimicrobials formulated with MSAMS and supported with antioxidants regain efficacy against resistant infections.


Maduike Ezeibe holds PhD, from University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He specialized in using animals for medical researches and invented theory of opposite charges electrostatic attraction for treatment of diseases of electrically charged pathogens. Since Aluminum-magnesium silicate (AMS) which has both charges may not exist in every country, he invented a formulation of Aluminum silicate and Magnesium silicate (approved medicines) to get Medicinal Synthetic AMS (MSAMS) and also invented an equation {Al4 (SiO4)3 + 3Mg2SiO4 →2Al2 Mg3 (SiO4)3} for the formulation. MSAMS has proved effective against viral/abnormal cell diseases. It also enhances efficacy of other medicines to prevent/cure Antimicrobial Resistant infections.