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Regina Au, Speaker at Vaccine Research Conference
BioMarketing Insight, United States
Title : Lessons learned from the Covid-19 vaccine and what is needed when developing a vaccine for a successful rollout


When the COVID-19 Vaccine was developed, time was crucial and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology  companies primary goal was to get a vaccine out as soon as possible so people to get vaccinated in saving lives.  What wasn't considered which most large companies conduct and develop, was the Target Product Profile (TPP) from a business/commercial perspective which looks at safety, efficacy and compliance for all stakeholders to achieve product adoption.  This includes healthcare institutions and professional who administer the vaccine, and the patients and front line works acceptance or willingness to get the vaccine. 
For example, the vaccine originally had to be stored in an ultra cold freezer 90°C and -60°C (-130°F and-76°F) which required special freezers that many of the healthcare institutions did not have and they had to buy one which was an unanticipated cost for the institution.  This also delayed the rollout of the vaccine.
Vials at room temperature or once punctured had to be used within 12 hours, creating potential waste if not used within this time.  While there was an initial surge of patients wanting to get the vaccine, once these patients were vaccinated, the people signing up for the vaccine, dramatically dropped.   Some places were taking walk-in vs. appointments only, or asked people if they knew others who wanted to get vaccinated so that the vaccine wouldn't be wasted.
The challenges were magnified significantly during the pandemic to demonstrate the importance of incorporating a business/commercial TPP.  While the COVID-19 vaccine was an exception to the rule because time was of essence in saving lives, these challenges could have been mitigated or reduced during product development for non-pandemic vaccines. Even if a pandemic has already occurred, future pandemic preparedness in planning the TPP (R&D and business) can still be done ahead of time.
Find out more on the lessons learned in how to develop a better vaccine for a successful rollout and uptake of the vaccine by patients and other front line workers.

Audience Take Away

  • Explain how the audience will be able to use what they learn?
    • The audience can incorporate the lessons learned from the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and uptake by patients into their product development process by defining a business TPP that will address the issues encountered during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and acceptance. 
    • The results are greater uptake of the vaccine which translates into greater sales revenue and setting the bar that other vaccine companies or competition have to meet in order to be successful. 
    • The end result is that each company will strive to develop better vaccines over the other companies.
  • How will this help the audience in their job?
    • This will help everyone involved in the product development process and the commercial group once the product is launched in being successful.
  • Is this research that other faculty could use to expand their research or teaching?
    • Yes
  • Does this provide a practical solution to a problem that could simplify or make a designer’s job more efficient?
    • Yes
  • Will it improve the accuracy of a design, or provide new information to assist in a design problem?
    • Yes
  • List all other benefits.
    • Having a strong TPP (R&D and business) helps the commercial/marketing group deliver a stronger and better message on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine to enhance acceptance and uptake of the vaccine and reduce hesitancy or rejection.  More will be covered in the presentation.


Regina Au, CEO at BioMarketing Insight with 20+ years experience in the life science industry.  She helps companies define their target product profile (TPP) to be able to compete in the market and be better in meeting the company's goals. 
Ms. Au was a member of the Advisory Board for Regis College Master of Regulatory and Clinical Research Management Program, an Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University in the Biotechnology Program and currently on the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapy.
She has published over 22 articles in scientific and business journals and given 29 presentations at international conferences.
Regina has a BS in microbiology from the University of Michigan, an MBA in Marketing from the University of Connecticut and a Masters in International Management from Thunderbird, Global School of Management.