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Nsana Sjelin Nardiouf, Speaker at Vaccine Research Conference
Université Paris Cité, France
Title : Impact of the long-acting insecticide-treated mosquitonet in the strategy to combat malaria vectors in the republic of congo from 2012-2017


The insecticide-treated mosquito net is one of the preventive tools in the fight against malaria vectors in the Republic of Congo. The general objective of this study was to assess the impact of the use of long-acting insecticide-treated mosquito nets in the strategy for the control of malaria vectors in the Republic of Congo from 2012-2017.This is a cross-sectional analytical study with a retrospective aim, carried out from January to June 2022 in 13 localities located in the North and South of Congo-Brazzaville. It focused on a sample of 1405 participants.

The type of sampling was probability based on a convenience sample. The data was collected using a tested and validated questionnaire administered to participants during the period of 2012-2017.The data collected was stored on the Excel spreadsheet and analyzed on SPSS.

At the end of its analyses, 48.75% of the participants are men and 51.24% are women.

Most of the respondents are young people aged 1-15, that is 73.38%. The LLIN utilization rate is 68.25% in its 13 localities in Congo. The correlation between the use of the LLIN and the examination of the rapid diagnostic test, showed a significant association (OR= 5.18 and p= 0.00), the analysis carried out using a regression logistics showed a link between the use or not of LLINs and chemoprophylaxis (OR= 1.7646 with the 95% CI (1.2159; 2.5608), p= 0.0028) and also, in favor of sex (OR= 0.0144 with 95% CI (0.0084; 0.0246), p= 0.0000).

The impact of the use of the MII by the populations of its localities is effective, however, this rate remains below that recommended by the WHO. Free mass campaigns using insecticidetreated nets should be done from time to time to ensure good coverage.

Key Words: Impact- LLIN- Vectors of malaria- Republic of Congo