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Mahya Sadat Lajevardi, Speaker at Vaccines Conferences
Pasteur Institute of Iran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title : Immunoinformatics and structural analysis for multi protein vaccine design


To generate more effective subunit vaccines against complex organisms like Leishmania parasites, we need to fuse several immunogenic proteins together. However, the critical issue is that which arrangement of the constituting components should be selected as the favored combination for vaccine design. These days, RNA and protein structure analysis techniques together with immunoinformatics are the handiest approaches available for selecting among the appropriate combinations. To advantage this approach, all possible combinations are designed and analyzed at mRNA and protein levels. At the mRNA level, the full sizes of the transcripts are estimated based on the used expression vector. Then, the secondary structures of mRNAs are predicted by specific web servers. At the protein level, the 3D structures of all combinations are modeled by online platforms. Then, the predicted 3D models are refined and validated by different parameters. Eventually, validated models are superimposed to the original individual proteins to find out structural identity, the higher the similarity the better the reliability of candidate combination. On the other hand, the combined structures are also further analyzed for junctional epitopes by immunoinformatics. This approach was used to combine two immunogenic salivary proteins (PpSP15 from Ph. papatasi and PsSP9 from Ph. sergenti) together to develop an effective vaccine against cutaneous leishmaniasis. The best combination as the vaccine candidate was selected based on mRNA and protein stability results besides peptide analysis and will be presented as an example model for a multi-protein vaccine design.


Mahya obtained a BSc degree in audiology in 2011(Tehran University of Medical Science) and her master's degree in medical biotechnology in 2015 (Zanjan Medical School). As a PhD student she is working on a vaccination strategy against cutaneous leishmaniasis in the department of Immunotherapy and Leishmania Vaccine Research at Pasteur Institute of Iran. Her research interests are immunoinformatics, Structural Biology, vaccine design and development. She is really enthusiastic to learn data science for drug and vaccine design against different diseases. She has published 7 research articles in journals and international congresses and has two under submission in high impact journal.