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Alibek Adil, Speaker at Vaccine Research Conference
Kazakh-Russian Medical University, Kazakhstan
Title : COVID 19 vaccines contraindications


There is no doubt that vaccines are the most effective solution against the global challenges that pandemic brought to the world. In addition, thousands of studies all around the web are publishing the succeed results and social media is spreading them rapidly. Nevertheless, there are some noticed cases about people whose general condition turned into worse after the first or even second dose of vaccines. During my personal practical experience in admission department and infectious diseases department of several city hospitals I worked, there are observed cases about patients who had complications with their general condition after they were vaccinated with vaccines such as Sputnik-V, Hayat-vax, Sino-Vac and others. This study is aimed to appeal for a careful attention of society to vaccines with people with chronic and acute infection diseases, or people with first registered personal complications after vaccination and people of elder ages. Also, for an additional information, some clinical cases and patients’ histories of diseases will be shown as an example to expand the understandings and widen the view of contraindications and actual side effects which might be already known but underestimated properly or some instances that could be marked as new or rare. It was noticed that during the survey many patients with complications reported they were not informed about possible side effects that may happen after vaccination and were not asked if they have or not other chronic diseases already. So, it is quite clear there is a need of common general list of questions that should be taken as a strict rule by medical personnel. Despite the fact it is not the first year of pandemic, there is still part of people who is not informed well or informed incorrectly which means it is a call for Health Department to increase the methods of spreading the knowledge in all modern and simple ways for public.


Dr. Adil studied General Medicine and Therapy at Kazakh National Medical University (KazNMU), city of Almaty, Kazakhstan and graduated as MD in 2019. He then joined to study Public Health in Central-South University, city of Changsha, China. Came back to Almaty for winter holidays in January 2020 and could not back cause of closed borders with China after pandemic. Started working as a therapist in City Hospital ?4 in Almaty as a therapist in therapy department, transit department and admission department. After 6 months he then studies at Infection Disease department at Kazakh-Russian Medical University (KRMU). Having a practice at one of the biggest city Hospital of Infection Diseases which is currently accepting patients with severe forms of COVID-19.