Mohammad Jalil Zorriehzahra, Speaker at Speaker for Vaccine Conferences- Mohammad Jalil Zorriehzahra
Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, Greenland
Title : New developments in the field of Aquatics vaccination in Iran and the world


Aquaculture currently has the highest growth in the world among different disciplines for the production of protein materials (15.7%). However, the occurrence of various infectious diseases (bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic) among aquatic animals are a serious risk in this field. Also, the economic losses caused by the mortalities of these infectious diseases in aquatic animals are very high. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment, especially for viral aquatic diseases, and in some cases the loss rate maybe reaches to 100%, which is the biggest obstacle to the growth of aquaculture, mariculture and fish farming in cages. On the other hand, the indiscriminate use of antibiotics to fight infectious diseases in aquaculture has increased the risk of bacterial resistance, and now the third generation of antibiotics is used to fight bacterial diseases in humans. Meanwhile, the statistics of vaccination consumption in many developed aquaculture countries, such as Norway, have shown that at the same time as vaccination, the use of different vaccines in aquaculture has increased sharply compared to the use of antibiotics that were decreased. In this article, the most important and latest aquatic vaccines and the introduction of new technologies in this category will be discussed and various health, economic and social aspects of aquatic vaccines will be presented. Recombinant, DNA, subunit vaccines could be considered as and the new generation of vaccines and recent advances in aquatic vaccination. In Iran, new and successful experiences in the field of aquatic vaccination have occurred in the last decade, which has been accompanied by valuable achievements in control and prevention of Aquatics infectious diseases.

Audience Take Away:

  • The benefits and advantages of Aquatics vaccines and vaccination would be discussed.
  • Importance of vaccines and role of vaccination in Control and prevention of Aquatics disease would be noticed.
  • The role of Antibiotics and its effects in Microbial resistance would be explained.
  • Kinds of variant Aquatics vaccines would be negotiated.
  • Improvement of new generation in Aquatic vaccines would be described. 


Dr. Mohammad Jalil studied Veterinary Medicine at the Tehran University, Iran and graduated as DVM in 1987. He then joined the Iran Veterinary Organization as Research Deputy in 1990. Then he received his PhD degree in 2007 at the University of PUTRA Malaysia (UPM). After passing some management responsibilities in Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI) as Head of Research Center, Head of Aquatic animal Health & Diseases Dept. he obtained Associate Professor at the IFSRI in 2015. He has published more than 140 research articles in SCI(E) journals, 10 technical Books, 50 Research projects and more than 40 M.Sc. and Ph.D. student.