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Mina Ziarati, Speaker at Immunology Conferences
Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title : Introducing the latest new findings regarding COVID-19 vaccine in Iran and the world


In contemporary world, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is concerned as a transmittable disease from bat to humans and a factor caused public health anxiety. Although, several measures were performed to treat it but still the mortality is seen in around the world. One of the most significant treatment of COVID-19 are vaccines have effectively produced against this disease. This study prepares some information on the various types of vaccines in Iran and the world. As far as vaccine is concerned, there is a require to totally release the pathogenesis of virus in human cells, target receptors and the against ways with COVID-19. Various vaccines have been developed with their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, increasing awareness about the ones is crucial. Actually there are numerous types of vaccines created by different process that WHO is informed well-organized and latest recent vaccines included the following cases: Pfizer/BioNTech, SII/COVISHIELD and AstraZeneca/AZD1222, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Sinopharm, Sinavac, Bharat Biotech BBV152 COVAXIN, Covovax (NVX-CoV2373), Nuvaxovid (NVX-CoV2373). In pursuing, it is argued that what is the technology of theirs making and how the vaccines protect human. What is comes to vaccines, COVID-19 vaccination will help protect human by building immunity without the risk of severe illness. Also, it can prevent from hospitalization and severe side effects of COVID-19 as well as death. That is why, finding out about different types of vaccines and their performance is vital. Although due to valid studies and valuable research access to modern technologies is much easier but impact of these is unpredictable in the future. In present study it has only considered latest information on it.

Audience Take Away:

  • They will be aware from the type of vaccines.
  • Producing technology and protection from human would be discussed.
  • Be familiar with pros and cons of vaccinations in every groups age.


Dr. Mina Ziarati successfully completed her PhD degree in Biology (Microbiology Sub-branch) at Jahrom University, Iran. She held a position as Microbiologist and Virologist in a laboratory and She has worked there since 2016. She then joined the research group of Prof. M.J. Zorriehzahra at the Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI) and she has been performing different projects. Moreover, she has had the honor to contribute to a number of academic papers in her favorite research area.