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Yusuke Oji, Speaker at Vaccine Research Conference
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan
Title : IgG and IgM antibody markers for immune monitoring in therapeutic cancer vaccine


The WT1 gene is an oncogene overexpressed in leukemia and various types of solid cancers. WT1 gene product is highly immunogenic and a promising target for cancer immunotherapy. We have developed a WT1 peptide-based therapeutic cancer vaccine and shown its clinical potential in clinical trials for various cancers. Therapeutic cancer vaccine induces tumor-associated antigen-specific immune responses to control tumors. One primary goal of immune monitoring is the detection of the induction of anti-tumor immune responses against target antigens after the start of vaccination. We have shown that IgG antibody production against vaccinated WT1 peptide is correlated with a favorable prognosis. This favorable prognostic correlation could be explained by the CD4 T-cell activity that is detected by the IgG production, where the class switch from IgM to IgG requires the help of CD4 T cells. Recently, we found the production of IgM antibodies against WT1 peptide before vaccination. Since the production of IgM antibodies does not require the help of CD4 T cells, WT1 peptide IgM antibodies could be correlated with anti- or pro-tumor immune responses of B cells. This presentation focuses on IgG and IgM antibody markers as immune monitoring tools in therapeutic cancer vaccines.


Yusuke Oji from Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan.