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Sonal Gidwani, Speaker at Vaccines Conferences
Sonal Gidwani
Calder Biosciences Inc, United States


Sonal graduated from Mumbai University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in 2012, majoring in Biotechnology and Chemistry. She later obtained her Master’s of Science in Biotechnology with a focus on Molecular Biotechnology, graduating in 2014 from Northeastern University. Sonal performed molecular biology experiments and upstream & downstream development activities at the Walz Lab at Harvard Medical School and at the DNA Enzymes Research Dept. at New England Biolabs Inc. prior to joining Calder Biosciences Inc..   She has been working at Calder on Subunit Vaccine Design & Development since 2015 where she is integrally involved in all aspects of Calder’s bioprocess and development.  Presently, she is leading Analytics Design & Development where she utilizes the unique, intrinsic properties of dityrosine bond formation to develop fluorescent and separation-based quantitative assays to characterize Calder’s target immunogens.