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Muhammad Naveed Anwar, Speaker at Vaccines Conferences
Muhammad Naveed Anwar
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Pakistan


Muhammad Naveed Anwar belongs to Pakistan. He finished his Ph.D. in Preventive Veterinary Science (Microbiology) from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(CAAS), Beijing, China in August 2020 and doctoral thesis title is “Characterization of Live-Attenuated genotype 1 strain of Japanese encephalitis virus”. Moreover, he also worked on several relevant projects which include: A Novel recombinant VLP vaccine displaying B and T cells epitopes of JEV; Adaptation of Live-Attenuated JEV vaccine to Vero cells in association with mutations to structural proteins, published his Ph.D. research work in "Viruses" and "Virus research" journals and his current VLP vaccine paper has been published in “Vaccines". His main research interest is in virology, immunology and virus-host interaction. He is an innovative, goal-oriented person who possesses a good analytical approach. Currently he is finding a post-doc position where he would relish his past experience for the benefit of a fruitful outcome.