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Afshona Anoyatbekova, Speaker at Vaccine Research Conference
Afshona Anoyatbekova
Federal Scientific Centre, Russian Federation


Dr. Afshona Anoyatbekova studied at the Veterinary faculty of Tajik Agrarian University, Dushanbe Tajikistan in 2008-2011. Then she had transferred to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Moscow State Academy of Veterinary medicine and Biotechnology (MVA by K.I. Skryabin, Moscow, Russia) in 2011 and graduated it in 2013. December 2013 she started working as a junior researcher at the Laboratory of Virology in FSC VIEV in the research group of Professor Yurov Konstantin Pavlovich. In 2014 simultaneously studied at the graduate school and graduated it in 2017. She received her Phd degree in 2018 at the same institution. After one year, she was promoted to a senior researcher of the Virology Laboratory and currently is working there. She has published more than 11 research articles in journals indexed in the Scopus, Web of Science and Russian Higher Attestation Commission. She has presented her studies results in different international conferences.