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Carly Contri, Speaker at Vaccines Conferences
American Academy of Pediatrics, United States
Title : Evaluating community-based vaccine initiatives with power BI


Abstract: Vaccine hesitancy has increased as pediatric immunization rates have decreased, with lowest rates for children experiencing social determinants of health. To address these issues, 24 immunization partnership grants were awarded to practices and organizations across the United States to implement community-based vaccine initiatives. Funding prioritized rural, under-resourced, or historically hesitant communities, and those immunizing children under 5. 

Mixed method approaches were utilized to evaluate outcomes and impact and visualized within Power BI. To evaluate the effectiveness of the funded initiatives, data was collected from grantees through mid and final-project reports through SurveyMonkey (n=48) from February to July 2023. Grantees were asked to rate their level of agreement in which funding increased opportunities to 1) improve vaccine confidence, 2) improve vaccination uptake, and 3) support pediatricians in delivering on-time vaccinations. Through grantee project activities, 88% reported they were better able to support pediatricians in delivering on-time vaccinations to children and 96% reported improved confidence in vaccines for rural and underserved communities. Overall, 92% of grantees felt there was an improvement in vaccination uptake within their communities and more than 1,200 pediatric immunizations were administered.

The interactive Grantee Immunization Activities Power BI Dashboard, which centralized data sources and visualized programmatic outcomes, was shared with program stakeholders through a collaborate site. Data visualized community priorities, allowed users to filter outcomes by organization, geography, communities served, and strategies implemented, and demonstrated the collective impact across initiatives. Organizations evaluated grant deliverables and outcomes relative to others as they identified novel approaches that successfully impacted vaccination outcomes. 

Centralizing cross-program data within Power BI increased data accessibility by sharing data with partners, increased knowledge of successful community initiatives, and increased public health capacity. Data highlighted the positive impact of customizable strategies to reach individual communities. Lessons learned include database best practices and enhanced visualizations for future grants.

Audience Takeaway:

  • Summarize the importance of customizable vaccination strategies on community-based pediatric immunization programs and vaccination uptake.
  • Describe how Power BI can be utilized as a tool to centralize data sources to reflect outcome achievement on immunization initiatives.
  • Apply database best practices and data visualizations to show how you can highlight immunization impact and outcomes for stakeholders and funders.


Carly Contri is a data scientist, evaluator, and dashboard enthusiast. She currently works at the American Academy of Pediatrics managing evaluation initiatives across immunization and infection prevention and control programs. Carly graduated with an MEd in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is passionate about improving data centralization, increasing data accessibility, and creating self-service dashboards and data visualizations to enhance storytelling with Power BI. She has recently worked on data disaggregation to understand community needs at the intersectionality of their identities and incorporating equitable evaluation into pediatric programs.