Kaleem Ullah, Speaker at Vaccines Conferences
Unicef, Pakistan
Title : To create Awareness & Address Misconception regarding vaccine and immunization process, by highlighting the role of vaccine in the development of immune in human.


Vaccine hesitancy: we do have a lot of issues from the community which make them hesitant towards vaccination process, includes disinformation about the vaccination spread by the community instigators play important role in this regards apart from that we do have a lot of religious sects which also play negative role in the process, moreover western conspiracy, electronic and print media and the top of that socioeconomic condition also effect this noble vaccination process.

Misconception about safety profile: Normally in our community people perceive that the staff responsible for the practical  vaccination of their children, might not be properly train and careful regarding vaccine transportation and handling and also perceive that this may lead to poor temperature control can lead to comprised vaccine efficacy which can be hazardous to their children health.

Frequent moment across the border of Afghanistan & Pakistan: Due to weak administration and poor visa process, the moment both side of the border  is compromised and proper check is not been made, these factors eventually leads to compromised vaccination process, so  majority of the population missed this vaccination, resulting towards improper vaccination status in the community.
I am working in suspicious population-at risk my own life, specially my area near with Afghanistan border and mobile population areas, so due this there are multiple issues in this area.
Recently police men and polio teams member have killed in my area including one female team member. Except this thousand teams member have killed in this program two murder attempts also on me, but still I am working for polio free Pakistan and to eradicate polio.
I have dedicated my life for the eradication of this virus from my country this fight of living in this sensitive and unpredictable environment. So for I have change so many families concept regarding vaccination, with the help of Community elders, Religious leaders, local influencers, and my personal dedicating efforts.    


Kaleem Ullah Khan MS in Economics and Diploma in Communication from University of  Peshawar KPK, Pakistan, I started my professional career in vaccine and immunization field as a internee, keeping in view my services and dedication towards the job UNICEF acknowledge my services and hired me as a Communication officer so I worked on the post for 7 Years. As a UNWHO supervise vaccine and immunization programme in Pakistan so keeping in view my services they promoted me as a Polio and Routine Immunization Officer.

I have covered & remarkably decreased thousands of Refusals families and immunize there children and families in different communities and have created awareness and demand of vaccine and 98.5% vaccination coverage in my area, Keeping in view my services to this program are not only local but also international media including print as well as electronic media highlighted my achievement in this regards ie.New Yark Time, The Guardian, The Reuters, India Today, Swiss Info, Arab News, Gulf News, TT Sweden News agency etc, NHK, BBC, VOA etc. I have also attained international conferences on vaccine and vaccination.